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The story of this Tribbe

Our story starts the way every Tribbe request begins: with someone needing a form of credit. As founders, we saw our family members, friends and colleagues asking for financial support during these complex times of COVID-19. They just asked for more dignified repayment terms and more flexible timelines that the digital lending apps available in Africa right now do not provide. And we get it. We relied on each other for credit as well. There aren’t many fair, reputable options for small, short-term loans. So we set out to create one, and leverage on the power of ubuntu: community. A Tribbe.

Tribbe creates a suitable, non-predatory alternative for times when life just happens. Tribbe  builds on the power of the village, and the generosity of those we know and trust, to create a mutually beneficial financial safety-net for our user community. We know Tribbe is needed because we needed it, and still do sometimes when the cliff is too close. In Africa, nearly 80% of us support at least 4 people directly, while not having a social safety-net of our own. Yet we are a proud, strong, connected community. And Tribbe is all about having each other’s backs. This is the future of financial autonomy that we deserve and are building together.

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Distributed ledger is the future of finance

Finance, and especially digital credit, is changing.  As the first generation able to leverage on a distributed ledger that is synchronized and accessible across different locations and geographies by multiple participants, we get to witness the replacement of the need for a central authority. This is especially advantageous for a continent of more then 50 countries with 50 different currencies and a volatile exchange rates that affect transactions between countries. Tribbe will start by building a community within countries before moving across boarders. Then the real work begins. We can’t wait.

A trust network

A shared accountability system built on trust within Tribbe increases financial transactions.

Your Tribbe is anywhere.

Build your community across Africa. Soon you'll have the option of a single pot for saving, events or fundraisers.
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How we are building
our Ubuntu Tribbe
Circles: You can build your trust networks and bring your people together into a circle. These circles you create are your credit networks, investment teams and money teams in Tribbe.
Feature set: You borrow and lend from your circles by sending and receiving payments. You get a transaction overview, and Tribbe helps lenders and borrowers keep to the loan terms.
Security: User accounts are protected and transactions authenticated instantly. We also keep user data secure and private and are working to leverage on distributed ledgers.
Credit score - Trust is at the heart of community. In Tribbe, we build on two credit-scoring systems to be sure we have the best financial map of those in our community.
Reciprocity: Credit is a powerful tool for financial growth and freedom when appropriately used. Tribbe supports our community to improve financial habits and grow their net-worth.
Mutual growth: Good credit is a financial tool that can help grow everyone's net worth. By leveraging the power of a community, Tribbe can lift up livelihoods with the power of compounding.
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Our Tribbe Roadmap

Our roadmap focuses on the growth of our community as we develop the technology, operations infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives that serve that community. Our credit market place opens up opportunities for crowdfunding, community banking, cryptocurrency purchase and trading as well as investment in service providers and small businesses. BNPL* is not far behind.

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Fund Distribution
& Credit Allocation

A majority of the money shared on the African continent is shared with family and immediate friends. As seen here, outside o the person-to-business credit industry, mobile money reports person-to-person loans as a big driver of mobile money. Looking at this pie chart, we wonder how different  the numbers are from the reality of your life, being an African.

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  • Immediate Family
  • Extended family
  • Close Friends
  • Friends
  • Work colleagues
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Our Executive Team

8 members are now involved in the project and we are hiring more marketing specialist, blockchain engineers and growing our development and marketing team.

Digital Credit in Kenya: Facts & Figures

To access more data or read up digital loans in the broader credit landscape, download the report by FSD Kenya. (2019). Digital Credit in Kenya: facts and figures from FinAccess 2019. Focus Note. Download it here.

Kenya’s Digital Economy | A People’s Perspective

The findings of "Kenya's Digital Economy: A People's Perspective" are available for download. The raw data-set of responses from over 2,400 individuals is a good place to start to understand the culture of money in Africa.
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Media on digital
credit in Africa
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Read Our Latest News

There is lots to talk about in the peer-to-peer lending space and digital credit in Africa. We try to put it all in one place for you. Have fun getting to know what is happening in this space.